Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas trees II

To make this into a pillow with all of the peppermint stitch/candy cane border showing, I stitched 4 outer rows of basketweave in a blue silk 'n ivory.  I also started working on the inner background so that it would be finished about the time I stitched the last tree.

The fifth tree is done in the damask stitch in red and green sparkle rays.  This has a nice flow to it and really gives the look of a tree.

The next tree is stitched in the mosaic stitch using white and green Balgers and a red neon rays plus.

In this photograph, the dark green in tree number 7 looks black, but its that wonderful rich dark green that Balger has.  This tree is stitched in the interlocking gobelin in that green and gold.

Green and white tree #8 is stitched in the diagonal mosaic, tent stitch and a variation of the slanted gobelin using sparkle rays and Balger.  

Tree number 9 is stitched in the long-armed cross stitch (over 2) interspersed with the tent stitch in metallic ribbon floss and Balger.

Tree #10 is stitched in the alternating Scotch stitch using neon rays plus and Balger.

It's amazing how quickly things progress when you're doing such fun stitches in eye-catching fibers!

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