Saturday, November 2, 2013

Alphabets, alphabets

I'm sure I have mentioned over the past few years that Needle Nicely has a design studio.  It was started when Trubey owned  Needle Nicely and I have been fortunate to be able to continue it with both Trubey and another very talented graphic artist, Helen.  Many of the designs that I blog stitch are products of the NN design studio.  The designs are exclusive to Needle Nicely, such as the pelicans that I am currently, slowly, stitching.

One of Helen's strengths is her calligraphy.  With her assistance I have a set of possible alphabets for customers to use to select what lettering they want for the names on Christmas stockings or the style for monograms.  She has done one set for me on 13 mesh and one set on 18 mesh.  Having these really eases the communication about any lettering questions. 

 Here are the finished ministockings that I stitched last month for a customer.  This is a Kathy Schenkel design (they are usually in a set with the other stocking saying "First Christmas").

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  1. Helen is indeed a wonderful resource! And she stitches, too!