Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some new ornament canvases

I needed to order several canvases from Shelly Tribbey for a customer, so I added some canvases for the shop inventory to spread the shipping cost over more canvases.  Postage or shipping costs have become quite a factor when ordering canvases.  I've started specifying that orders not be split-shipped because of the increased cost in shipping.  It used to be that when designers split-shipped, they absorbed the cost of the 2nd shipment's shipping.  Only a few designers do that today. 

This shirt comes with a hanger and is to be made like a real shirt.

This dress reminiscent of Provence also comes with a hanger.  What a great souvenir of France.

Shelly has 3 tree ornaments in this series that are red and white.
Such great possibilities for pattern stitches.

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