Monday, November 4, 2013

Laughs provided by Rondo

Nothing helps the time pass while you looking at photographs of needlepoint designs than to have someone provide a running, amusing commentary on life.  That's what Rondo, one of the needlepoint reps for the Southeastern US, does when he comes to visit every year about this time.  The conversation ranges from how mutual acquaintances are doing, what cruises Rondo and his wife have taken, why the plumber was at my house today, and so on.  Sometimes we reminisce over happenings from the past years (we've known each other since 1982). 

It's always interesting to see what the needlepoint artists have designed in the last year.  First I look at their newest designs.  Then I go through the stacks of photographs of their prior designs.  Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of a perennial favorite canvas and sometimes an old canvas seems to be just the right thing for a certain customer.  There are some designs that you wonder why anyone would want them; just as there are many designs that you order again and again. 

Ron also keeps me abreast of the latest developments in the world of technology.  He was the first person I knew who bought a hybrid car--I had to take a ride to see how wonderful it was.  He was the first person I knew who owned a GPS for his car.  Again, I had to go for a ride so he could take a wrong turn and I could hear the device recalculating our path.  And then he got an i-phone.  Of course, he also got the app that shows beer pouring into a glass.  He has so much infectious enthusiasm for his gadgets that it makes the day spent ordering canvases go faster and more pleasantly.  And in the process I seem to really enjoy spending so much money! 

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