Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Small business Saturday by American Express

Last year as the reward for achieving the age of 70, I gave myself the most wonderful birthday present.  Needle Nicely would no longer be open on Saturdays.  After a year, the overall response is positive..  Most of my customers haven't noticed.  And I'm definitely enjoying having Saturdays off. 

However, I'm a strong believer in supporting small, local businesses whenever possible.  I patronize the local book store in Vero Beach rather than the chain one, I use a mom-and-pop frame shop, I prefer restaurants that have only one location--you get the idea.  That's why I decided to open this year on November 30, small business Saturday promoted by American Express.  I have registered Needle Nicely on the Amex website.  Their program is modified this year, but if you register your credit card with them and then spend at least $10 with a small business, you will receive a $10 credit on your Amex statement.  You must register after November 24th and I understand it's only good for one $10 credit.  Still, ten bucks is ten bucks. 

To encourage people to come by and use their Amex cards, I'll be having 20% off all in-stock fibers (and an additional 10% off sale fibers) ONLY on November 30.  The sale will also be good that day for call-in orders but Amex doesn't permit off-site orders to qualify for the $10.  You can also order ahead, but I will only fill the order and charge it to you on the 30th.  And of course you can use mastercard, visa and Discover as well as Amex, but they won't match  the $10 purchase! 

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  1. Thanks for opening for this day. My son started a small business this fall and he also will be celebrating Small Business Day.
    I'm thankful for all small/family businesses. They keep America great!