Monday, November 18, 2013

New brooms--and all that comes with them

The best thing that can happen to a needlepoint shop like Needle Nicely is that we can have a "new hire" who is energetic and likes to organize things.  Macy is my new broom, though she is in her second incarnation at Needle Nicely.  She worked for Trubey and me 24 years ago when Needle Nicely was in its second location in Vero Beach.  That was the one that was architecturally splendiferous--it had a vaulted ceiling painted teal and every two years we had electricians come in to change all the fluorescent bulbs because it was cheaper to do it that way.  We had a house painter come in to hang some of our rug canvases on the vertical wall.  And we had a devil of a time getting the canvas down when someone wanted to buy it.  Not to mention the blank space that stared at us until we had the painter come back for another hanging.  We did have an extension ladder, but trust me, with my fear of heights there was no way I was going up there!  And Trubey had always "left the building--perhaps with Elvis!"

Of course, there are always two sides to every story.  If you ask Macy, she'll tell you (and I agree) that I am a kinder, gentler Mary Agnes.  I can now attribute it to the ageing process.  A customer 20 years ago told me I was mellowing because I had met "that man".  I hated to disillusion her by mentioning that I had started taking hormones!  "He" just happened to be a by-product of that event!!

But back to Macy--it's always nice to hear another perspective on how things look or are run. Sometimes establishments (not just retail shops) get stuck in ruts and do things because that's how they've always done it.  And I'm grateful that Macy feels comfortable enough to offer suggestions.  It can only make Needle Nicely a better place. 

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  1. Having met you, Mary Agnes, I can attest that you're full of wit and wisdom!