Sunday, November 3, 2013

stitching ennui--it happens to the best of us

Several weekends ago I found myself in front of the television with my stitching at hand--and I picked it up, looked at it, and put it down again.  Ho, hum.  I was really regretful, thinking of several small projects that I had left at the shop.  They seemed much more attractive than what I had at hand.  Perhaps distance does make the heart fonder.

I tried to find other chores to occupy me without beating myself up.  Boredom with a project does happen.  I have learned (though obviously I forgot it last month) to have several alternative projects handy to work on.
Most stitchers have a variety of projects tucked away, just waiting to be stitched.  When you encounter mental resistance to stitching your current project, don't just sit there like a latke--pick something else from your stash that appeals to you at this moment.

I try to tell customers to have at least two projects  going at the same time.  Those who don't know me think this is just a sales ploy.  It isn't.  You have a back-up when you become tired of your main project.  It isn't judgmental, but practical.  Move on if it doesn't appeal to you tonight.  It isn't a divorce.  The world isn't watching.  Just drop the old, boring, and move on to the one that appeals to you.  You will come back eventually, but not today.   Maybe tomorrow.  Quien sabe? 

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  1. I used to be a monogamous stitcher--operative words here "used to be." There's something to be said about that little diversionary project to lift one's spirits before you go back to the long-hauler. What I can't understand is having many. many projects in the fire at one time--kinda like the Chinese acrobat on the Ed Sullivan Show who kept seven plates spinning on bamboo poles at one time.