Friday, November 15, 2013

Seashell pincushion

There's a company providing a selection of beautiful sea shells paired with a tiny needlepoint canvas.  It's Annie Lee Designs.  There are a limited number of designs, partially due to the small area of needlepoint that will fill the holes in the various shells. 

 This is a sample canvas complete with 2 straight pins with shell tops.  The design area varies with the shell accompanying the canvas.

 This is my finished shop model.  It took me about two hours to stitch and another hour or two to assemble.  You can use either cotton balls or fiber fill to fill the hole in the shell.  Then use Elmer's glue (or something similar) around the edges of the opening and hold the canvas in place with a rubber band until it dries.  Then, voila!  a finished hostess gift or a nice pin cushion to put in your powder room.  I removed the straight pin before my photography, but have to mention that someone stole one of the pins with the shell glued to it.  Excuuuse me!

And, what a treat--this afternoon NBC started televising the elimination rounds for the 2014 US Olympic Curling team.  It was still on when I arrived home after 5pm so I had to delay blogging until I had watched its conclusion.  More tomorrow and Sunday, oh delight, delight!

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  1. That shell is absolutely lovely! What a terrific combination of needlepoint and nature!