Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oriole ministocking

This is a printed (Giclee?) canvas from In Good Company.  Because it isn't hand-painted,  the cost is significantly lower--like 50%.   I picked this up for a quick stitch reward for myself after I finally finished the belt canvas I was stitching for a customer.  It's off to the finisher and I've moved on.  I'm originally from Maryland where the oriole is the state bird. 

Actually, this is the canvas I am stitching for a shop model.  I selected it because it was a "misprint".  Each canvas comes with an American flag printed on its right-hand corner.  This one came with a bonus flag printed in the center of the design.   Rather than throw it away, I'm stitching it.  I did the cuff in the mosaic stitch using white splendor.  I did the lettering in #8 Balger metallic doubled because I had an opened spool. 

I drew the curlicue in with a blue wonder marker (you can faintly see some blue that is unstitched).  Then I started stitching the background in the diagonal mosaic.  If you look closely, you can spy where I made a counting error.  I decided it wasn't glaring and am just going to leave it since it was confined inside the curlicue.  The leaves are done in the basketweave.

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