Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Murphy's law will bite you!!

This past week I finally prevailed on my husband to call a plumber about "the problem" with the toilet in our master bathroom.  He is deaf in one ear and, I suspect, can't hear out of the other.  So I'm the one who heard the periodic geyser.  It was particularly frightening when one was actually using the toilet--that geyser behind you definitely got my blood flowing.  I had visions of the whole thing exploding and flooding that part of the house.  Oy, vey!  But, remember, we are a democracy and so we each have a vote about everything, including hysterical feelings that the house will flood.  I finally managed to prevail.  Sigh.

And while the plumber is here, can he please take care of the water filter attached (or not) to the faucet on the kitchen sink?  As it turned out, what we (my husband and I) thought was the real problem cost us $15. to fix-- a warped "clapper" in the toilet.  We won't think about how much water usage it cost us.  And we won't prorate the share of the plumber's visit.  The real prize was fixing the water filter--it resulted in a new faucet and the final price of the entire visit was $275.  We're not unhappy and don't feel ripped off.  But that also explains why we are not going to call a plumber for a while, when yesterday morning (2 days after "the visit"), one of the stoppers in our dual sinks in the "master suite" refused to come up and we had to fish it out.of the sink opening so it would drain.  Trust me, we aren't calling a plumber until something else goes wrong--and bite your tongue, please don't let that happen for at least 6 months or longer.  We can deal with the lack of that sink stopper--I am now using that sink and my husband has moved to the right.  I don't shave in a sink and don't need a stopper! 

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  1. Having had a number of "water issues" over the last few months, I feel your pain. And then some.