Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Melissa Shirley trunk show I

Got the box of canvases for the Melissa Shirley trunk show today.  Hooray!!

However, the public doesn't realize what that box symbolizes.  First, I have to unpack the canvases; check them off the invoice; and then price them.  Then, I carry them to the shop (of course, I had to do everything I mentioned before at home, because this is the season and today I waited on customers--even more hoorays!).  All this while preparing dinner for my Darling Husband.  Tonight it was shish-kebob with rice pilaf.  I love it because it gives me an opportunity to chop and vent my frustrations (take that, Mrs. I don't like that color!).  I chop and assemble the pilaf and kebobs and he grills after he has stapled price tags on the canvases.  Marvelous division of labor. 

The good/bad part of a trunk show like one from Melissa Shirley is that there are so many canvases that it is not humanly possible to check off and price them in one evening--so tomorrow night we will be having chicken on the grill for dinner so I can play a cameo with the vegetables and finish pricing and checking everything off.  Then Thursday I get to climb around the shop and hang the canvases.  If you're in the area, please come in and admire my handiwork and Melissa's artistry.  The show officially starts Saturday--lights, camera, action!!

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  1. There can be a great amount of work for the designer to get it ready for a Shop. We have to pick from our inventory and/or make sure certain ones (some stores pick certain canvases) are available. Then we have to do up the list of which canvases are included. Normally, a price list and catalog are included -- those may or may not be already ready to go. For us, we triple check the inventory list against the canvases prior to packaging to mail. We also have to calculate the amount to insure the package for before closing it all up to mail.

    Hope your Trunk Show is successful. We just did our first one at Quail Run in Scottsdale in February.

    Once the unsold canvases are returned, we have to verify the ones missing against the list sent. Restock those not sold and get ready for the next Trunk Show. We will verify the check amount against those sold minus any deposit, etc. Then we look at those sold and make a note of it so we keep tabs on our most popular designs.