Saturday, March 5, 2011

melissa shirley trunk show II

Life definitely gets in the way when you make plans.  I was so pleased that I managed to check off and price the Melissa Shirley trunk show in two evenings that I fooled myself into believing that I could put the canvases up on the wall the next day.  Silly girl! Thank goodness the canvases came early.

Thursday the shop got slammed and I was running hither and thither to help Marcia keep everyone happy.  Proof that the season is finally here.  Throw those trunk show canvases on the table and in the baskets and hope someone looks through them. 

Friday I come in an hour early because I have an intermediate class from 10 to 12.  I am hoping I can hang a canvas or two, but my students arrive early.  When I emerge into the real world (the shop), I have a customer wanting to know how to put a canvas into a Lee's luggage tag.  I am happy to walk her through it--if I physically do anything, there is a charge (I run a retail store, for heaven's sake).  She is scared, but realizes that it is easier than she feared.  Five minutes later, it's done and she can see doing the next one alone.  Three cheers!

Next for attention is a student from one of last month's classes.  We discuss what she can do with her finished project and I suggest possible stitches to finish things off as an evening purse.  Her project will be gorgeous.  Nice feeling and outcome.

Today, Saturday, I finally succeed in putting canvases on the wall.  They look so gorgeous that someone comes in to buy a skein of perle to finish a project, and on her way out, stops and selects a canvas from the wall.  Yes!!! After she left, I got the ladder back out and put another canvas in the empty space.  Delight.

We have a shop model cuff bracelet designed by Melissa Shirley.

We stitched it in Splendor and Balger metallic using various pattern stitches, including long/short split stitch, Scotch stitch, cross stitch, and satin stitch.  It looks beautiful and yearns to be stroked--it feels sensuously smooth and is gorgeous. 

We  have many canvases for cuffs.  These are a selection:

The elephant is a design from Melissa Shirley.  The next design is from Associated Talents. It is a design that they also do as a belt.  It is gorgeous and versatile.  There are so many possibilities for stitches and fibers.  One of the truely wonderful designs that is so versatile that you can utilize it for any purpose.  And it is so delightful to stitch.  What more can you ask?

Other cuff designs include the following two (the first is from Associated Talents, the second from Melissa Shirley designs)

After years of pillows and belts and rugs, it's a relief to discover things like cuff bracelets. 

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