Monday, March 28, 2011

sandy toes doorknob hanger

While a delightful existence, living on the beach in Florida (and I'm sure beaches everywhere) has its drawbacks.  Among these is the short lifetime of elastic, whether on pantyhose or panties.  It's exasperating to think you have a new pair of pantyhose, only to discover the elastic is gone and they're around your knees!

Another drawback is trying to tactfully remind guests that sand clings to everything and isn't pleasant for flooring.   This sign is one way to get the message across.

This 13-mesh sign is from Winnetka Stitchery.  The sky was stitched  using Blue Lavendar watercolors.  We stitched 5 rows  in basketweave all the way across the canvas; then another 5 rows, and another.  This prevents the color gradation in the watercolors from being too stripey.  If you look closely at the model, you can see the groups of 5.  The remainder of the canvas was stitched using DMC perle cotton. 

Then for a perfect finishing touch, we made the cording out of the same watercolors.  Then, quietly slip it over the doorknob as a silent reminder.  That takes care of sand--next to deal with the tar!!

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