Thursday, March 17, 2011

Melissa Shirley trunk show III

My trunk show of Melissa Shirley's canvases ends Saturday.  Today I spent time looking at the remaining canvases and trying to decide on my favorites. The top one (swallow-tailed something--I think hummingbird, but just looked in google and I can't pin it down) is such a design delight.  Its simplicity is part of its appeal.

The second canvas is one I already have in my inventory, not only because it is such a Florida design, but also because we have a blue heron who spends time around our backyard retention pond (yes, I own waterfront property in Florida--that's a joke, by the way, since retention ponds reduce the possibility of flooding and are usually nowhere near the real water).  What a wealth of detail to keep a stitcher's interest.  And I assume that Melissa will soon be doing separate designs of the vases/urns in the lower corners.  Can't wait to see and buy those designs.

Saturday morning I'll be taking these canvases down so they can be arranged in numerical order Saturday afternoon while I go to the Metropolitan Opera's HD transmission of Lucia di Lammermour (that spelling is suspect).  Then Saturday night and Sunday I will "spring" into action to check things off and pack them for Monday shipment back to Melissa.  Another successful trunk show completed. 

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  1. I love the blue heron! Saw it in my LNS but could never afford to buy it. When you get around to stitching yours, please share it with us! I'll admire it from afar.