Tuesday, March 8, 2011

needlepoint connections

I had a pleasant surprise today when someone I hadn't seen in over 15 years walked into the shop.  It was Forsythe Daniels from Birmingham, Alabama, appearing in Vero Beach for a cameo.  While I hadn't seen Forsythe in years and, I'm sorry to say, didn't recognize her; I did recognize her voice because we have talked often through the years.  And she carried a shell needlepoint purse that Trubey had designed that looked so today! 

It reminded me of what a unifier needlepoint has been for me--the people I have met through the shop, through wholesale markets, through stitching in airports and public places. like doctor's offices.   Many of these people become only voices over the telephone or emails on the computer.  I recognize their voices on the telephone and the cadence of their writing in emails.  They have become my world and community. 

This blog has served the same purpose.  Tonight I read back through my entries and the comments people have entered.  It didn't take long-- I have only been blogging since around Thanksgiving.  I was struck by the tone of support, acceptance and encouragement  in the comments.  And I was struck by the absence of comments from many of the people who daily read my blog (and others) and never respond.  And I want to know what they think. 

Until I started this blog, I, too, was a "lurker".  I read and never responded, except within myself.  Now I understand the need to reach out and connect with others and share ideas.  And I realize the encouragement that one casual remark can make.

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  1. It is amazing the friends we make with our needles, despite the miles between us.