Saturday, March 26, 2011

visit from a designer

I had a surprise visitor today from outside Philadelphia.  Linda Damiani designed the design on the right for a cosmetic case on 18mesh.  The design appeared in the Sept./Oct., 1991,  issue of Needlepoint Plus.  My students prefer stitching on 13mesh, so I adapted the design, repeating some stitches on the right.  The design was stitched in watercolors, a revolutionary "new" fiber in 1991. 

Linda has a shop featuring wonderful artisanal jewelry.  Regrettably her leisure time is now devoted to knitting, rather than needlepoint. It was wonderful to finally meet her. 

To me, what's so remarkable is that this design is 20 years old, yet it is timeless. I think you can be paid no greater accolade!

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