Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sally Luedke house doorstop part II

Here are the back and one side (both sides are the same) of the house.  Most of the stitches are repeated (that is, the geranium leaves are all woven picot in water colors, etc.). The flag pole is the long-armed cross stitch in Balger gold metallic.  The yellow flowers are lazy daisy stitch.

The chimney is the diagonal Scotch.  The trellis was done in a watercolors in shade of brown to look like weathered wood.  The bush as the base of the flag pole is the woven or t-stitch in watercolors.

This was fun to stitch, especially  to see the personality of the house change from Northern clapboard to Florida stucco.  It would have been just as easy to do the cashmere stitch in rust to give the appearance of a brick exterior.

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