Thursday, March 10, 2011

more heat-applied crystals

Today I finished the third in my series of pattern-stitch ornaments utilizing heat-applied crystals.  This ornament is in the shape of a mini-stocking.

This is the shape of the ministocking drawn on 18 mesh canvas.
The top line should be straight, not slanted like it shows in the
illustration.  I did the leaf stitch (8 threads tall by 6 wide) over the
body of this stocking.

I did 8 leaf stitches across the top of the stocking.  Notice there are several threads not stitched on each side of the stocking.  I didn't want the top row to include a compensating stitch.  The 2nd row has one, but it is one half of the leaf stitch, not 1/3 or some other fraction.  Much easier to do. 

And this is the stocking with the crystals applied and ready for the finisher.  I used all white (or "rhinestone") crystals for more of a silvery effect.  I think I'll have the cording made of silver metallic to complete the look. 


  1. That is beautiful. I keep wanting to hot fix some crystals but chicken out at the last minute, and you have done a whole stocking fixing the crystals into those little open spaces. They must not fit exactly every single time. Does it matter? Will they lay some on mesh and some on thread? Please, I need just a bit of a push to try it. After all, those painted canvases that I work on, cost too much to make a mess of. Thanks for any tips.

  2. Go for it, Margaret. If you enlarge this photo you'll see that the crystals aren't precisely placed. That doesn't detract from the overall effect. In fact, as I was finishing, I discovered that I was actually using two different sizes of crystals and it doesn't seem obvious. Perhaps as a first step you could do one of the ornament shapes I have shown, rather than a painted canvas. Let me know--Mary Agnes

  3. Thanks . I have the perfect place to do it. I actually have the equipment and crystals but haven't had that last bit of courage to plunge in. I'll do it today, and then look back and wonder why I made such a big deal of it.