Monday, March 14, 2011

Sally Luedke house doorstop part I

I taught this doorstop as a class at the January TNNA trade show several years ago. 

To make the building appear to be stucco, I did the mosaic stitch in two shades of Silk 'n Ivory (alternating a mosaic of one color, then a mosaic of the other color).  The picket fence is stitched in slanted gobelin.  The windows are stitched in basketweave using Water 'n Ice.  The cross-pieces of the windows
 are the chain stitch in Silk 'n Ivory. 

The door panels alternate slanted gobelin and basketweave in Silk 'n Ivory.  The door knob is a large French knot in Balger gold metallic.  The planters are stitched in the t-stitch or woven stitch.  The topiaries are ridged web stitches in Watercolors.  The window boxes are done in basketweave with the geraniums stitched in French knots using Silk 'n Ivory.  The leaves are Watercolors stitched in the woven picot. (These really impress people and are much easier to do than they look.) 

For the roof, I did an adaptation of the Palace Pattern substituting basketweave in Silk 'n Ivory to emphasize the long, slanted stitches done in Watercolors. 

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  1. The colors you chose really brought this canvas to life!