Saturday, November 3, 2012

An afternoon with Shakespeare

I've said this before:  It requires a different mindset to have Saturdays off.  I really wonder how long it will take my mind to adjust.  This afternoon I did blog and newsletter housekeeping (including adding another 35 addresses-yeah!).  Then I played Freecell and did the Needle Nicely weekly bank deposits--2 this week since you have to have one for the end of the month and one for the beginning of the next month.  Piece of cake.  Done.  I join my husband on the couch to watch the end of the seniors' golf tournament, when a lightening bolt went through my brain--it's NaBloPoMo! 

Thursday afternoon I left Marcia in Needle Nicely to walk across the parking lot (actually a customer saw me and gave me a ride--I don't even know how many yards;  I felt guilty for riding  but didn't want to be rude and refuse the ride!) to the Majestic Theater in Vero Beach.  There I paid $20. for a High-Definition transmission of a performance in London of Timon of Athens by Shakespeare at the National Theatre.  If you have an opportunity to see one of these performances, I highly recommend it.  It seems that British theater is financially supported by the government and the productions are more adventurous than the majority of American productions.  Yesterday's Timon of Athens was performed in modern dress and set contemporaneously; thus relating it to modern financial misdeeds and also ending with a homeless focus.  Really interesting staging and conceptualization.  Definitely not your usual sets.

I regularly attend the High-definition transmissions of the Metropolitan Opera's performances of operas at the Majestic.  Extremely inexpensive, but so memorable.  Four years ago I was an opera novice.  Today, I am a true follower.  Admittedly there are some that are not "my cup of tea".  But it is interesting to be exposed to all of them.  The singing is stupendous because that's their job; the bonus is that their acting is really just as wonderful. My favorites over the 4 years are Elena Garanca in Carmen and Karita Mattila in Salome.  Fascinating how they can climb and slither and dance while still singing on key. And Juan Diego Flores is so adorable, not to mention a magnificent tenor.  Sigh! 

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