Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ideas for a small Christmas pillow

When I was at the Baltimore market in September, I couldn't resist picking up some smaller canvases for Christmas pillows.  I haven't been able to decide which one I would like to stitch as a shop model, but I'm sure I will eventually do one.

These are all designs from Raymond Crawford.  My favorite is "Fa, la, la, la" but I'm also intrigued by the two "Ho, ho, ho" canvases.  I think it's interesting to see variations on a theme and a good designer can take the idea to amazing levels.

EDIT:  Don Lynch of Associated Talents kindly corrected me--the last "HO, ho, ho" is an AT design.  Sorry for the misinformation.


  1. Mary Agnes, the "Ho Ho Ho" on the bottom is an Associated Talents design. Just thought I'd let you know!

    Don Lynch

  2. Oops! I apologize! Says she who is often wrong, but never in doubt!