Friday, November 30, 2012

Nutcracker, moving down....

Today was the wonderful day when I got to move Gunther on the frame.  Hooray!  While I had him off the frame, I stitched the background under his armpits in basketweave.  Even I am not strong enough to count the background stitch there.  

If you click on this photo you should be able to see the basketweave inside his arms.  When I moved the canvas, I realized that I needed to keep the background wide on the left side because of his hand so I'll be doing some "over" stitching about where the top blue line is.  It's the background and will probably be in the seam and silk 'n ivory is a loose fiber so it shouldn't be obvious that I have overstitched.  We'll see.

I've been plugging away on his beard and just continuing the encroaching/interlocking gobelin on his uniform.  The two golds look good on the mouthpiece and stem of his horn.  I realized today that I have some fiber and stitch decisions to make.  Such as what to use for his belt and what texture do I want for his pants.  

Tomorrow starts the return to Saturday, Wednesday blog entries.  I'm glad I managed the discipline of daily blogging and hope y'al enjoyed it, but it'll be nice to return to normal.  Of course, I am already trying to think of topics to keep my blogging steady NEXT November!

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