Friday, November 2, 2012

troglodyte, perhaps?

I wholeheartedly accept that I am a troglodyte.  I've had a cell  phone for at least 8 years and almost no one I know has the number.  I'm rather proud of that achievement.  I had a snit-fit with AT&T years ago and cancelled Needle Nicely's  long distance  plan and went to Sam's to purchase a phone card.  Except I discovered several years after I started this program (by listening to the "prompts") that I was paying a multiple of 4 to make calls in Florida.  That's when I started using my cellphone to call customers and suppliers in Florida.  So I am always surprised when my cell phone rings.  It is usually in the bottom of my purse.  Recently I have wised up and have started placing it on the table beside me while I'm in the shop.  That guarantees that it will seldom ring.

I recently traded up to an I-phone 4S.  Pardon me if I am less than enthusiastic.  I even attended a class that Sunday at Verizon to learn about using my wonderful phone.  I know almost nothing more than I did before.  Message to Verizon--try to make your classes a bit more specific and don't group I-pads and I-phones in the same class.  Please.  My next phone call will be my first on my I-phone.  Days pass. * I just received my first call--it was a robo-call.  Multiple expletives!!!!

The one plus of my up-grade is that my perfectly nice Samsung "flip-phone" is being donated to the battered women charity in Vero Beach.  That's what I did with my last one and I see no reason to change a great idea.  

*Tonight after work I went to the mall to pick up a new pair of Ecco sandals.  From the parking lot I used my new phone to call to order a pizza for pick-up.  When I arrived at the beachside pizzeria, South Beach Pizza  (the best in town), they had no record of my order.  Is that another message?  Thank goodness they took pity on me and threw a "pie" quickly into the oven so Arthur and I will have dinner tonight.  

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