Monday, November 12, 2012

Monotony buster

My palm frond slides redo has about exhausted my patience.  So, rather than hide them from myself, I am putting them on the next couch cushion to stare at me while I stitch a 13mesh belt canvas in basketweave for a shop model.  I saw a different way of belt finishing while I was in Baltimore--it uses the military style of buckle where the belt has no grommets but slides through, making it very adjustable. And I hope that this interlude will allow me to then attack the palm fronds with renewed vigor next week

We had painted this geometric in red on the white canvas, but I decided I wanted to show people they could change the colors.

I'm using lime green and hot pink silk 'n ivory.  You will notice that I am doing it from the top down in terms of the design elements.  And what a change of pace from 18m! 

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