Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Festival of Trees, 2012 donations part II

Yesterday I showed you the first two items Needle Nicely gave to Vero Beach's annual Riverside Children's Theater's Festival of Trees.  Today I'll show you the remaining two donations.

I honestly do not remember who designed this cutie.  The Santa was such fun to stitch with the pom-pom in one stitch and the mustache and beard done in another.  It was a great example of how the flow of design can be shown through the use of one color and variations in stitches.  And the Ho, ho, ho was done in the mosaic stitch with red candlelight metallic.   But it doesn't do you any good to have a model if you can't buy additional canvases to sell.  Needle Nicely has its own design studio but we refuse to get lured into copyright infringement just because I can't locate the original designer.

I came up with the original idea for this canvas, handing the actual designing and painting to Needle Nicely's marvelous calligrapher.  However, the design never caught the eye of our customers.  Sigh!  So several of the canvases are on the sale table and this pretty baby has gone to find a more enthusiastic audience.  But I refuse to let that discourage me, as demonstrated by my redesign of the flamingo slides I stitched this summer on the blog.  And that is selling! 

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