Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small business Saturday

This summer Needle Nicely started accepting American Express and Discover credit cards.  We have a different processor and they seem to be able to process all cards without any individual delays or excessive charges.  The summer of 2011 I paid about 5.8% for the credit cards (mc and visa) that I did accept.  Big hickey, no matter how you look at it.  This summer it has dropped to about 2.6% and that includes Amex and Discover.  The loud cheers you hear are definitely mine.  So this is the first year Needle Nicely could participate in Small Business Saturday, a great concept.  EXCEPT that Needle Nicely is no longer open on Saturdays.  Minor detail.  Someone who had never been in the shop called looking for a specific fiber.  When told I stock it, she inquired about SBS.  I said I was closed on Saturdays.  I think you should either identify yourself before starting a rant or actually be a customer of a shop before voicing an opinion about its hours or mention that you would be a customer if the hours weren't so screwy. She did none of these. 

On the other hand, I made it a point while running errands this morning to make my first stop at the Vero Beach Book Center.  They've been in Vero as long as I have and a wonderful job they do.  I know they're feeling the internet's impact, but they're still helpful and charming.  They have added a sign to each of their doors which I might add to Needle Nicely's:  "Find it here; Buy it here; Keep us here."  I like the rental collection they have of new hard covers (about 8 bucks for 7 days),  the large selection of new hard covers and paperbacks, the children's building of toys and games as well as books, the used paperback section, and the book signings by visiting authors.   

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