Monday, November 19, 2012

Copyright--what is it?

When one (that great impersonal one) starts a blog, they must recognize that many people are not aware of the niceties of ownership.  Ownership in terms of copyright.  When I show a photograph of a canvas, I am always meticulous in stating that the design is from "...this designer."  You must acknowledge intellectual property in  terms of design ownership.  But you must also not STEAL it.  I dislike having to be so blunt, but it is necessary. 

 On my blog, one person has repeatedly downloaded magnified pictures of one of my posts.  The same one--repeatedly.  Duh!  I don't think she is a slow learner--I think she is downloading it repeatedly because she is a slow stitcher.  I want her to stop it.  I have too many things going on in my life to pursue her, but be assured that is possible.  I and other bloggers are sharing our experiences with needlepoint.  Many of us do it as a corollary to our day jobs (retail needlepoint sales).  Don't insult us so blatantly by downloading from our blogs repeatedly.  I know it's nice to be able to look closer at stitches.  Sometimes I know the copied designs are classics--as is the Greek key design for a  belt that I am currently  stitching.  However, you didn't chart it or count it or more importantly think it would work as a belt design--at least have the courtesy to pay for the design since I did.

Of course readers of blogs may not realize that the stat counter tells what town you are in, what type of equipment you are accessing the blog with, how much time you view a page, what other pages you view and even the code for your internet connection. 

I don't expect everyone to buy a canvas I blog-stitch from Needle Nicely, that's why I identify the artist.  But I do expect you to purchase the canvas/es from someone!  

 Maybe you didn't realize that you were stealing my ideas.  I hate being so confrontational, but sometimes being sweet and retiring just doesn't seem to cut it.  My income depends upon my needlepoint sales, whether through my blog or through my retail shop.  Your not paying me for a design is taking food out of my (and my husband's) mouth.  Stop it!

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  1. Thank you. Informative and straight.
    From another Blogger.