Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Festival of Trees, 2012 donations

Each year the Riverside Children's Theater in Vero Beach conducts a fundraiser the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It has evolved over the years into many different offerings.  The original concept was for various local businesses to decorate Christmas trees and the public would bid on them.  Of course, over time the market for predecorated trees has been saturated (or becoming so).  Last year Needle Nicely gave 3 Christmas pillows and a hot air balloon Christmas "feature" (called thusly since it was too large to be considered an ornament).  This year, I gave another 3 pillows and a discontinued Elsa Williams stocking model.

This model had a cuff with the name Ashley stitched on it.  Last week I quit procrastinating and opened up the top, folded down the name area and then hem-stitched the lining down.  Someone should be thrilled with this--I'm sorry that the company that purchased Paternayan has decided not to produce any of the kits or the tapestry yarn.  Elsa Williams had some nice, inexpensive kits.

This Joy canvas by Associated Talents was originally stitched about 20 years ago.  Then it had a red and black plaid ruffle.  Over time it had faded horribly, but the needlepoint still looked as good as new.  So this summer I sent it to my pillow finisher to have her replace that faded fabric.  Now the pillow has a pretty new look.

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