Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scissors, ah, yes, me beauties

Anna of the Stitch Bitch blog showed her scissor collection on 11/15/2012.  They are gorgeous.  I love scissors and often have scissor envy.  She reminded me of the many beauties I have in my personal collection.  My husband upon noticing some of them, asked "Should you take these to the shop?"  Excuse me, these are mine.  Not for sale.  I tried not to be too emphatic in my denial, but I carefully removed them from his vision.  They are now hidden from his sight.  But here are some of them for only your eyes to see.
I made two discoveries, though.  There are several missing in action (hmmm, perhaps I hid them too well from Arthur!).  And the points of one of my absolute favorites (the Felix pair with round gold handles and silver points) are bent as though they did a nosedive into a hard surface.   I know Gingher repairs their own scissors.  Anyone know where I could send this pair?

You'll notice that I was rather a snob and didn't show my shears and pinking shears from Fiskar.  I love them, but I don't use them with my needlepoint stitching. They are work horses, not my stylish beauties.  There seems to be a similarity in design--I seem to tend toward scrolls and sensuous curves or modern chrome.

And on another note, my alma mater Appalachian State University has once again made it to the play-offs of small colleges football.  They play Illinois State next Saturday in Illinois.  Obviously, they have the poorer record which is a pity since playing at home at 3,300 feet in questionable weather is a distinct advantage.  Especially since I have mentioned before there is no easy way to get to Boone and the journey tends to exhaust people even young football players. 

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  1. I hope you can find the missing scissors! Doesn't your husband have an expensive hobby of his own? The dude has chess and his two or three entry fees pretty well make up or whatever stash I have curing in the craft room!