Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Needle Nicely Newsletter

What wonderful alliteration!  And I have really done it.  Excuse me while I put my right arm out of joint by patting myself on the back.  Though my self-critic says my first edition was more indicative of my personality, my 2nd demonstrates that I am really serious about doing this as a monthly happening--I was only 4 days late!!!  Next month I'm aiming for doing a photograph and having the newsletter actually appear on the first of the month.  Pray for me.  That photograph seems to be the toughie.  But I think having my actual logo as a header has to be a real plus.  I worked hard on it.  Whew!

I look at newsletters from shops like Amy's in Tennessee and I think to myself, get over it.  You're small potatoes and a truly local needlepoint shop and don't think you can do a 17 page newsletter anytime in this life.  I'm thrilled that I am doing a blog and a newsletter and am communicating with my customers.  How great is life? 

I have lots of goals to be accomplished with the publication; the NN newsletter.  Learn how to have photographs.  Learn how to have a link to the newsletter archive on my blog/website.  I foresee many more early morning chats with the Constant Contact staff.   I also have goals that I want the newsletter to achieve.  Improve communication with customers.  Increase the NN customer base.  Spread the word about the many excellent services offered by NN.  All of those are also goals of the NN blog.  Marketing, marketing, marketing. 

If you'd like to be a recipient of the NN newsletter, just comment here with your name and email address.  Or email me at nnicely@gate.net  I'll be more than happy to add you to the mailings.  It's just like building followers to this blog; rather than a groundswell, it seems to be more like a ground pimple.  But it's a beginning! 


  1. Hi,

    Please add me to your NN newsletter list.



  2. Please add me to the newsletter list as well. I'm at chillyhollow@hotmail.com and eager to see it!