Sunday, November 4, 2012

Frosty the snowman, Finished

The scarf on this snowman is stitched in long stitches from corner to corner in a diamond pattern using fuzzy stuff.  The body is the criss-cross Hungarian with French knots.  I tried to alter the contrast so the patterns would be more apparent.

 This snowman's body is done in the Victorian step stitch.
The body to the left is stitched in the Hungarian ground stitch.  And to recap, the hat is the encroaching gobelin in silk 'n ivory.  The nose is upright gobelin in neon rays while the scarf is the cross stitch done in fuzzy stuff.  The coal buttons are the smyrna cross stitched with silk lame braid.

The background is the mosaic stitch in silk 'n ivory in a pleasant French blue.  Altogether, a fun pillow to stitch.

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